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    HANDCRAFTED SPIRITUAL SOAPS & CANDLES Shop now ACHIEVE SPIRITUAL WELLNESS Our favourites clear negative energy with sage Smudging has been an ancient art that has been practiced by the Native Americans for centuries. It helps to release negative energy channels and purify spaces. Daily smudging can improve mood, clarity, and spiritual wellness. Shop Herbs Nature's Essential Oils Frankinscence oil is handcrafted in store and 100% pure. It has a variety of healing benefits, such as awakening personal and spiritual love, relieving stress and anxiety, and reducing pain and inflammation. When burned, it offers protection, energy, inner peace, and strength. Shop oils Naturally created We strongly believe in delivering natural products to heighten your spiritual connection and wellness. All of our spiritual oils, herbs, and incense are made by hand and with 100% pure ingredients. We take great care in the products we offer and only offer products that have been harvested in their original form or that have been extracted from plants or minerals. We take great pride in offering the best for our customers. Thank you for shopping with us! "Spiritual Kedar offers the best products for your spiritual journey. I am very pleased with their quality and customer service, all of my questions were answered, you will not be disappointed" Jane, toronto Learn more

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    Store Policy Customer Care Spiritual Kedar Products believes in delivering the highest quality to our valued customers. We only use pure ingredients when making our oils, incense, and soaps. Our candles are imported from a trusted supplier in the U.S.A. using the same exacting methods and proven formulas to assure your complete satisfaction. We are always introducing new products to our customers, so please be sure to keep checking our website for updated product lists. Your satisfaction is our priority. If you would like to contact us about a product or are looking for something in particular, please use our contact form and we will be sure to get in touch. ​ Privacy & Safety Your privacy and security are extremely important to us. We will not share any of the information you provide us to anyone else. We know how important information safety is to you and you can be sure that we are dedicated to keeping your information safe. When you enter your details (payment information) this is only linked to your account and is not visible to us. During check-out you will be asked if you would like to receive information from us on an ongoing basis. This information is not shared. The information is used only to communicate information regarding Spiritual Kedar products and services. "special" Requests We do carry a wide variety of products in our physical store located in Toronto, Ontario. If you are looking for a particular oil, herb, candle, and/or incense, or if you are searching for a specially prepared candle or a hard to find spiritual oil, please send us an e-mail to . CLICK BUTTON BELOW FOR FULL LIST OF OILS IN-STORE ​ Spiritual Kedar Products 1352 Weston Road, Toronto, Ontario M6M 4R8 416-915-0335 Payment Methods Payment Methods We accept the following payment method: - PAYPAL

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    ALL PRODUCTS Made of natural and pure ingredients Sort by Quick View Rose of Jericho Price C$20.00 Quick View Magical Seals, Signs, & Signatures Price C$20.00 Quick View Complete Book of Baths Price C$20.00 Quick View Spiritual Cleansings and Psychic Defenses Price C$20.00 Quick View Papa Jim's Herbal Magic Workbook Price C$20.00 Quick View Helping Yourself with Majickal Oils Price C$20.00 Quick View The Success Dream Book Price C$20.00 Quick View Power of the Psalms Price C$20.00 Quick View Various Love Oils Price C$8.00 Quick View Custom Oil Order Price C$8.00 Quick View Zodiac & Planet Oils Price C$8.00 Quick View Clearance & Cut and Clear & Lavender Oil Price C$8.00 Quick View Fruit of Life Oil Price C$8.00 Quick View Fast Luck & Lady Luck & Lucky Business Oil Price C$8.00 Quick View Jasmine Oil Price C$8.00 Quick View Jinx Killer & Jinx Removing Oil Price C$8.00 Quick View Go Away Evil & Ghost Chaser Price C$8.00 Quick View Peace & Prosperity & Protection Oil Price C$8.00 Quick View Assorted Bath Salts Regular Price C$7.00 Sale Price C$5.00 Quick View Leaf of Life - PICK UP IN STORE ONLY Price C$0.00 Load More

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