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    clear negative energy with sage

    Smudging has been an ancient art that has been practiced by the Native Americans for centuries. It helps to release negative energy channels and purify spaces. Daily smudging can improve mood, clarity, and spiritual wellness.

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    Frankinscence oil

    Nature's Essential Oils

    Frankinscence oil is handcrafted in store and 100% pure. It has a variety of healing benefits, such as awakening personal and spiritual love, relieving stress and anxiety, and reducing pain and inflammation.  When burned, it offers protection, energy, inner peace, and strength.

    Naturally created

    We strongly believe in delivering natural products to heighten your spiritual connection and wellness. All of our spiritual oils, herbs, and incense are made by hand and with 100% pure ingredients. We take great care in the products we offer and only offer products that have been harvested in their original form or that have been extracted from plants or minerals. We take great pride in offering the best for our customers. Thank you for shopping with us!


    "Spiritual Kedar offers the best products for your spiritual journey. I am very pleased with their quality and customer service, all of my questions were answered, you will not be disappointed" 

    Jane, toronto
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